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If you or your spouse has a past criminal conviction, it is important to understand how this might affect your divorce action. More importantly, the type of crime you are convicted of can also impact different aspects of your divorce. The court may use this history when deciding different issues, and a past criminal history can also be used a factor when negotiating different terms between the parties.

At the law office of Anthony C. Starks, I am a San Diego divorce lawyer who takes a nonjudgmental stance when helping people through a divorce petition. Whether you have a criminal record or your spouse does, I can help you assess how a past criminal record may affect a divorce action and what steps can be taken to help you account for this situation.

For assistance with your family law or divorce issues related to a past criminal record, contact me today toll free at 866.606.5094 or locally at 619.573.6162 to arrange your consultation.

Not only can having a past criminal conviction affect your position overall in a divorce action, the type of crime you have been convicted of can also impact how certain aspects of your divorce are determined by the court or used for the purposes of negotiation.

How Will a Conviction Affect Each Component of Your Divorce?

If you have been convicted of a crime related to domestic violence, this can adversely affect your ability to obtain child custody and visitation. Likewise, any other type of violent crime convictions can also result in the court restricting your amount of access to your children.

Additionally, if you are convicted of any charge relating to fraud or theft, this may affect your alimony and property division outcomes.

More importantly, a criminal conviction can severely affect your job eligibility if you are in the military, law enforcement or border control. In many situations, a criminal conviction will prohibit you from being allowed to carry a weapon, which can affect your employment. If someone cannot maintain a job, or one at the same pay rate that he or she had before, this can also affect child support.

Although you can find more information about divorce here on the website, the best way to address your criminal record concerns is to contact me online or call 619.573.6162 or 866.606.5094 today. Also, please recognize that the information on this site is very general and should not be taken as legal advice.

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